Monday, April 15, 2013

I dream of planes

Some people dream dreams. Others do not. Some dream but have no recollection of them when they awake in the morning. Some do. I usually do. I have dreams of planes. I should be more specific - I have dreams that I am standing at a distance and I see planes take off and the basically start to fly as if they were made of paper. The plane takes off and as its climbing, it continues in that direction until it does a 3/4 circle and its landing is nose first into earth. 

I have Googled this and it seems that many people have very similar dreams. To share the same dreams with someone else is sorta crazy. What does it take to get that stuck in my head that it shapes into a dream? I use to work next to the airport but that didn't seem to trigger it. A website said STRESS!!!. Not a whole lot of that in my life either. 

I guess they are okay as long as I remain watch at a distance and don't end up inside the plane that does a cartwheel into earth.

I drew this after a dream that I had. An airport on top of a building...


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